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BMA Rings is a long-time pioneer in the wedding band sector. Since 1989 BMA Rings has an admirable reputation in Turkish wedding band market and had produced thousands of world-class wedding band models with the highest quality by using latest production technology. Each product is endowed with expertise, creativity, glamour and exclusive technology.

BMA Rings is one of the most prestigious brands that produce wedding bands for leading jewellery retailers all around the world. Besides the famous Turkish retailers BMA Rings export those unique designs more than 40 countries.


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BMA Rings 3D Wedding Ring Configurator

BMA Rings’ timeless wedding bands are exquisitely crafted by using the finest metals and most ordinary gemstones. From platinum to gold, create the exact personal rings in your dreams with 360° HD BMA Rings Configurator. Combine different alloys, choose different widths, surfaces, colours and diamonds at your home and order your rings exclusively from the jeweller nearby .

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Producing every product with expertise, creativity, charm and special technology, BMA Rings is pleased to present the new and innovative 3D Wedding Ring Configurator to the industry. We invite entrepreneurs and colleagues who want to present the configurator to their users and improve their business to be a part of our “Franchising” system.

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As BMA Rings, we committed to the highest quality in each single product. We focus on each process from research to development, to the completing product through the expertise and latest technologies.

Our passion leads us to find new techniques to challenge industry. We believe the originality, so therefore all the inventions are patented.