The only jewel that women & men wear together... It all starts with perfection... Without beginning or end... Without sides or corners...

BMA Rings is a long-time pioneer in the wedding band sector. Since 1989 BMA Rings has an admirable reputation for over quarter century in wedding band market of Turkey and has produced thousands of world-class wedding band models with the highest quality by latest production technology. Each product is endowed with expertise, creativity, glamour and exclusive technology.
BMA Rings is one of the most prestigious brands that produce wedding bands for leading jewelry retailers all around the world. Besides the famous Turkish retailers BMA Rings export those unique designs more than 40 countries.

Quality and excellence form the BMA Rings vision and lead us to invent new techniques. We aim to achieve the customer’s full satisfaction. We focus on the excellence that we can define as the balance between the high quality products and distinguished service for our customers.

BMA Rings is committed to the highest quality in each single product. We focus on each process from research and development to the finished product through the expertise and latest technologies.
Our passion leads us to find new techniques to challenge industry. We believe the originality and that’s why all the inventions are patented.

Each product has been stringently checked to ensure that they answer in the best way the needs of our customers. We focus to fulfill final user’s ergonomic needs when we decide to use materials and create the shapes. We invest for the latest technology to have a better finishing and a lighter weight according casting.

The biggest values of BMA rings which are customer service and product quality will be reorganize by BMA Rings Europe. BMA rings established the Europe office in Czech Republic under the name BMA Rings Europe to enhance all the Europe marketing, distribution and sales activities.

The Kimberley Process is established to prevent "Conflict diamonds" or "Blood diamonds“ -which are rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments- from entering the mainstream rough diamond market.
BMA Rings takes this issue very seriously and buy only polished diamonds from trusted suppliers based in countries which have adhered to the Kimberley Process, a joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds through an international certification scheme.

BMA Rings provide an environmentally-friendly working space in order to perform health-consciously and safely.
To avoid work related incidents and injuries we train people and set signs to remind them to pay attention in all levels.

To fight counterfeit BMA Rings decided to donate the money gained through the legal rights in case of the use of the patented techniques or designs by third parts to support different societies.
BMA Rings decided to support children education through the new e-commerce channel giving donations by every purchase from